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On-line recruitment and Harrison Assessments

Extremely effective job-centric assessment of candidates potential

Saves up to 70% of time in the selection process and communication with candidates

Automatic ranking of candidates according to the job fit

Hire the most suitable candidate

Efficient CV selection

Browsing dozens of CVs can be overwhelming – thanks to Harrison Assessments online assessment you will be able to streamline the entire recruitment process, as well as make it simpler and more effective. Suppose there is an average of 50 CVs for each recruitment. Of those 50 people who submitted their application, 4 to 6 will be invited to the next stages of recruitment, and eventually only one of them will get a job. But can you be sure you hired the right person?

How to assess the job fit?

In recruitment, seemingly independent factors have a huge impact on the level of candidate fit. Harrison Assessments provides a solution that measures both the level of qualifications and attitude, motivations, values, work preferences and interpersonal skills.

The whole process is carried out in one, fully integrated system which, thanks to a proven methodology, is able to correctly interpret the results, juxtapose them with each other and identify as many as 95% of ideal candidates

We turn soft HR into hard data.

Anna Piasecka

Why recruit with Talent Exact? You get:

  • Information on the percentage of job fit to a specific position in your company
  • The results are presented in the form of a ranking
  • The general assessment of the candidates consists of professional qualifications, suitability and an interview
  • Flexible adaptation of assessment forms - e.g. can use only eligibility
  • The information obtained from the questionnaire facilitates structuring interviews
  • We provide the client with over 6,500 ready-made job descriptions (Job Success Formulas) and the possibility of customizing the position to the individual needs
  • Intuitive reports showing job fit (see report)
  • Integrated interview guide (see report)
  • Onboarding report - How To Attract This Candidate (see report)
  • You save up to 70% of administration time
  • Clear costs
  • Possibility to get a subscription

Talent Exact recruitment solutions


If you are looking for a simple recruitment system that will show you the most suitable candidate for a job, you can complete the entire recruitment process within 30 days with JobFlix.

Platforma rekrutacyjna ATS

Annual Assessment - Recruitment Platform

If you plan to hire more people during the year, we offer the ATS system and the Harrison Assessments recruitment platform. We will prepare for you exactly the solution you need.

Raporty rekrutacyjne

Recruitment reports

If you already have a selected group of candidates and want to assess their suitability and competences, use the range of Harrison Assessments recruitment reports.

How to create a good job description?

Thanks to over 30 years of research by Dr Dan Harrison, we know that in order to choose the most suitable candidate, we must know the traits that affect the performance on a given position. We call this job description the Job Success Formula. We can identify behaviors that have a positive and negative impact on employee satisfaction and performance. After completing the process, the HR department receives a report that is easy to communicate and interpret, showing the percentage of job fit.

How JobFlix can help your organization?

JobFlix - ranking of candidates

Using JobFlix, the HR department and managers receive a candidate ranking based on their performance in the area of ​​qualifications and suitability, which can give them complete confidence that they will select the best suited candidate.

JobFlix - measures 175 traits

Jobflix uses the Harrison Assessments methodology, which measures 175 traits that are essential to job success and facilitating employee engagement and retention. The analysis also includes the diagnosis of behavioral changes under stress.

JobFlix - saves time

Jobflix saves up to 70% of the time spent on administration and management of applications, which significantly reduces the time of the recruitment process.

JobFlix - retain talents in the company

JobFlix helps organizations engage and retain top talents as well as build effective teams.

JobFlix - what you get with your monthly fee

  • Unlimited number of candidates for one recruitment
  • Assessment of qualifications and predispositions
  • Interview assessment - the ability to add your own questions and answers
  • Overall result - ranking list
  • Written and automatic feedback for each candidate
  • Full flexibility, you can cancel your subscription at any time
  • Preparation of Job Success Formulas (job description)
  • Plus, you get the support of a JobFlix consultant whenever needed

JobFlix in 5 steps

Step 1

Job Success Formula

Based on data from the HR department, JobFlix prepares a Job Success Formula

Step 2

Recruitment advertisement

The HR department includes a link to JobFlix in the recruitment ad so that it is visible to candidates

Step 3

Candidate applications

Candidates apply by completing the Harrison Assessments Questionnaire

Step 4

Ranking of candidates

Based on the responses from HA Questionnaire, JobFlix creates a ranking of the candidates. They are arranged according to their position, qualifications and competences

Step 5


The HR department reviews the results of online recruitment and generates a final report summarizing its progress

We recommend an additional package of Harrison Assessments recruitment reports

Download the sample of the reports (pdf):