Innovative selection and recruitment

Fast and positive feedback for all candidates who pass the process

Guarantee of high job fit

We support the knowledge and experience of recruiters with the scientific methods of Harrison Assessments

Executive search - recruiting top managers and specialists

Choosing the perfect candidate for managerial and specialist positions can be a big challenge for our clients. Talent Exact has specialized in direct executive search recruitment projects. Three components guarantee success in this type of projects: extensive experience, a rich network of business contacts built over many years, as well as standardized tools and the proven methodology of Harrison Assessments.


Enables effective and efficient acquisition, and assessment of candidates. At the start, the competency profile of the desired candidate is developed together with the client. During the process, consultants conduct individual interviews with candidates, analyzing their experience, competences and personality profile in the context of client’s needs. This results in preparation of reports on the best selected candidates.

Online recruitment and the Harrison Assessments system

In recruitment, seemingly independent factors have a huge impact on the level of candidate fit. Harrison Assessments provides a solution that measures both the level of qualifications and attitude, motivations, values, work preferences and interpersonal skills.
The whole process is carried out in one, fully integrated system which, thanks to a proven methodology, is able to correctly interpret the results, juxtapose them with each other and identify as many as 95% of ideal candidates.

What is the point of hiring bright people if you don't use their talent?

Richard Branson

Why recruit with Talent Exact?

What distinguishes recruitment with Talent Exact from others?

Save time and money on the recruitment process (we reach candidates, we research the market, conduct interviews and prepare recommendations for selected candidates)

We organize the recruitment process on an ongoing basis and communicate with candidates, e.g. by arranging meetings with recommended candidates

We present only the most suitable candidates who meet the requirements of the organization

Fast search time

Support in introducing the employee to the company

We give a 3-month warranty for the employed candidate

Clear reports on recommended candidates, including consultant’s comments

Absolute discretion in the search

We build Employer Branding of our clients, including giving feedback to each candidate

Step by step recruitment

Step 1
We analyze your needs
taking into account the job profile and organizational culture
Step 2
We prepare a job description and an ideal candidate profile
Step 3
We search for potential candidates
Step 4
We conduct interviews with candidates,
evaluate candidate profiles, on client's request using Harrison Assessments
Step 5
We present the recommendations of candidates for the position
2 to 5 people
Step 6
We arrange meetings with candidates
Step 7
We provide feedback to every candidate

We recruit for industries:

  • pharmaceutical
  • medical
  • financial
  • service
  • manufacturing
  • construction
  • the energy

Recruitment with Harrison Assessments

Stage 1: Reviewing the qualifications

In the first stage, we review candidates qualifications and whether they meet the requirements of the client. We inspect: education, experience and skills of candidates.

Stage 2: Measuring soft skills

Soft skills are often difficult to measure and assess during regular recruitment. They are made up of many factors, such as interests, professional values, work preferences, interpersonal skills, and even attitude and motivation.
The questionnaire measures as many as 175 personality traits, which are then analyzed in terms of alignment with the requirements of the company and job. Everything has been designed in such a way as to prevent any deception when completing the questionnaire.

Stage 3: Structured interview

The interview is based on the results from previous stages. Thanks to this, it is possible to talk about the competences of candidates that would be omitted in a normal interview.
In addition, the recruiter also knows the needs of the candidate sitting in front of him. This helps in finding common points that bring benefits not only for the company, but also for the future employee.

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