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Realize your potential and develop it

Get into a creative process to realize your potential

Focus on solutions


When working with a Talent Exact coach, you become aware of your resources and develop them, focusing on solutions. You achieve your goals with the support of the coaching process methodology, you change your habits to aid you in achieving your goals. Collaboration develops through a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to make even better use of your personal and professional potential.

Coaching - for whom?

Our coaching is a service dedicated to managers, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get more involved and take care of their personal and professional development.

Our clients will come up with a 1000 times better solution than I would give them. Our wisdom turns into curiosity.

Anna Piasecka, CEO of Talent Exact

Coaching – You decide

During the session, it is up to you to decide what you will work on. Which goals are yours?

  • I want to develop leadership skills
  • I want to increase my efficiency
  • I want to regain my confidence
  • I want to strengthen my management, delegation and enforcement skills
  • I want to take my qualifications to the next level
  • I want to succeed in my new managerial role
  • I need a balance between private and professional life

Coaching - individual meetings

How long coaching meetings will last depends on your time, needs and goals you want to achieve. We set each coaching program at Talent Exact individually. Usually it is 10-12 hours of coaching sessions that are spread over a period of 3 to 6 months

Types of coaching

Operational Coaching

Meetings focus only on one area chosen by the client. This could be, for example, developing leadership skills. Sessions concentrate on this area only, develop the traits associated with it, discuss problems that may occur in this specific area.


In this case, the coach accompanies the client at work. Coach observes his/her daily behavior, duties and way of dealing with them. Provides feedback on an ongoing basis and allows the client to draw conclusions on their own and to gradually change their behavior in the work environment. In addition to continuous feedback, the coach also reminds the client about the set goals, and helps him/her to efficiently deal with the procedures and requirements of the company.

Career coaching

Career coaching is often used before promotion. The coach examines competence and analyzes development areas. In this case, you can also implement career path planning, planning the activities necessary for the employee, support during the development of competences. This coaching is especially recommended when an employee has to take over more responsibilities after being promoted.

Burnout coaching

Most effective in the early stages of burnout. Recommended when the employee has extensive knowledge, but his/her motivation and commitment dissolved over time. A coach helps find a balance between work and private life, which facilitates a return to the previous, engaged attitude. 

Holistic coaching

Our behavior is made up of many factors, such as personal beliefs, developed habits, identity, self-esteem, hierarchy of values, and views. It is all connected with our life knowledge, substantive education and the ability to experience emotions. All these features can support us in our work duties or, on the contrary, hinder decision-making and reduce performance, or even sabotage the simplest activities. Holistic coaching looks for the sources of a given behavior and ways of thinking. Going through this process helps you make a quick and lasting changes in your life.

Coaching - confidential contract

For mutual comfort, before the sessions we sign a contract that guarantees the following:

  • we ensure full confidentiality of information about both the client and the candidates,
  • we carry out the coaching process competently and honestly, in accordance with accepted scientific standards,
  • we store records and reports in an appropriate manner,
  • with full confidentiality, security, privacy and compliance with all applicable laws,
  • we avoid a conflict of interest or a potential conflict of interest,
  • we believe in precise communication,
  • we provide clear agreements and contracts; we comply with all agreements and contracts concluded in the context of professional relationships, we respect applicable law.

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