We teach on example of specific business cases

We blend knowledge with practical exercises

Team trainings

What impacts the motivation of employees apart from salary? Employees want to develop, train and increase their qualifications. Thanks to this, we give them the opportunity to become specialists in their field, and your company gains qualified and committed teams.

Training and individual support

Training participants can also count on individual coaching support. We provide them with it because our experience clearly show that people with such support achieve much better results and are more satisfied with their work. Regardless of whether the participants decide to use the support of a coach, we encourage everyone to contact us by e-mail after the training and share their thoughts with us.

The practical aspects of training are important

The trainers who conduct the training are people experienced in business. Therefore, the examples discussed are based on facts. We choose each trainer both in terms of the level of competence and passion. We believe that only true enthusiasts can impact others with their passion, and thus, interestingly talk about even the most complicated meanders of business.

We shorten the theoretical and lecture part to a minimum, trying to make it an interesting introduction to the issue. Instead of definitions, rules and charts, we prefer to present real examples of business cases. This way makes it easier for the participants to understand how the presented solutions work and how to implement them.

Training topics

Tell us what training topic your team needs

How to regain passion and joy at work, i.e. about professional burnout

Stress at work – when does it help, when does it hurt you?

Sales techniques, team management – team diagnosis (psychometric tools)

Talent development – establishing a career path in the company

Workshop of the Assessment / Development Center session assessor

Coaching for managers

Time management

The art of effective communication

Call Center – how to be effective; team building; conflict management

Training stages


The team’s potential is measured two weeks before the planned workshop. It is performed using the Individual Analysis and the Harrison Assessments Team Analysis.


One-day workshop for the team


One month after the training, consultations take place with the Head of the Team, with whom the results are discussed.

Communication workshops based on the Harrison Assessments methodology

During the communication training, based on the Harrison Assessments methodology, participants learn a lot about themselves. They get to know their type of communication, as well as how it affects the involvement of both colleagues and subordinates. During the classes, we also discover the strengths of each participant and show how to appreciate them and use them to increase their communication skills. Understanding the types of communication and talents is extremely useful for managers. They get to know the capabilities of their team, its strengths as a whole and the talents of individual team members. Thanks to this, managers can use fully the hidden potential of the group.

Harrison Assessments Accreditation Training

The date of the next Harrison Assessments Accreditation Training: 9-11 and 15-16 September 2020.
These are 5 days of comprehensive and carefully prepared training ending with the international Harrison Assessments certificate.