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A unique system ensures that you hire, develop and retain the best employees

Leader in Talent Management

The unique Harrison Assessments system ensures that you hire, develop and retain the best employees. The methods are fully integrated and provide a comprehensive and clear picture necessary to make a hiring decision. Our effective online systems require minimum configuration time, eliminate up to 70% of administrative work, thus minimizing process costs. Harrison Assessments is a leader in talent management and online processes thanks to breakthrough technologies.

Unique technology at the service of HR

Harrison SmartQuestionnaire™ incorporates multiple layers of technological and psychological mechanisms to detect and prevent any attempted deception while minimizing test completion time (25 minutes). Harrison Assessments technology identifies whether behavioral tendencies are actually strengths or performance derailers. Enjoyment-Performance Methodology accurately predicts efficiency, engagement, retention, job satisfaction and career potential. Harrison’s analytics identify specific factors that will make it easier or harder to succeed in the job.

Great leaders don't use people so they can win. They lead people so that they all can win together.

John C. Maxwell

Comprehensive and effective candidate analysis

Harrison’s Talent Acquisition System allows you to quickly hire the best talents. Our library of 6500 Job Success Formulas facilitates the creation of assessments tailored to the needs of the organization. Our job analysis allows you to automatically generate customizable assessment processes using unique job criteria.

Automatically verify the degree of candidate’s job fit

Automatically generated pre-screening of candidates includes your specific qualification requirements. Measure qualifications such as education, experience and skills combined into a single result. It allows you to save up to 70% of the time spent on administration thanks to the automatic ranking of candidates.  Eliminates the need to review all applicant’s resumes. At the same time, it reduces costs of hiring. Provides the candidate’s overall score allowing you hire the best talents using predictive analytics.

Harrison Assessments - Solutions

Verification of candidates suitability

Talent development

Formulating strategies to improve employee performance

Analysis of employee’s development needs

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