Anna Piasecka

Harrison Assessments Accreditation & Training

Date of the next training: 4-5 and 11-12 September 2023

It’s 4 days of comprehensive and carefully prepared training completed with the international Harrison Assessments certificate.

Get Harrison Assessments Accreditation

4 pillars of talent management

After completing the training, the participants will gain knowledge, skills and indefinite privileges to interpret Harrison Assessments reports, and to provide feedback to their clients. HATS is the perfect solution if you are responsible for at least one of the 4 pillars of talent management:

  • Recruitment
    If you want to hire the best talent using more than 6,500 positions from the HATS library and carry out a quick and successful recruitment in 3 steps.
  • Development
    If you are in charge of employee development – as a manager, consultant, coach or moderator and you want to have access to development solutions and HATS reports.
  • Succession
    If you want to identify and develop talents in your organization as part of a talent management platform.
  • Engagement and Retention
    If you want to engage and retain your most talented employees, and also bridge the gap between employee expectations and business goals.

People are strength. This is the real engine of every business. Good people are not just crucial to a business, they are the business!

Richard Branson

Accreditation training program



  1. Paradox Theory
  2. Understanding the Traits of Harrison Assessments
  3. Paradox Report Overview
  4. Traits and Definitions Report Overview
  5. Job Success Analysis Report Overview
  6. Introduction to feedback



  1. Introduction to the Main Graph
  2. Introduction to interpreting the Paradox Report and the Main Graph
  3. Recognizing behavioral patterns
  4. Understanding out of balance behavior 
  5. Giving feedback
  6. Harrison Group Reports
  7. Development reports overview

Accreditation training

The cost of accreditation training is 7 950 PLN net

  • Level I – 2 days of workshop
  • Level II – 2 days of workshop
  • Cost of the reports
  • Competency Demonstration (individual conversation with a Harrison Assessments mentor – a session of discussing sample reports)


  • *For ICF members and ICF accredited coaches we have a 15% discount on accreditation training (does not include cost of CD) and 36 hours of Resource Development CCE

By getting accreditation you gain:

  • Individually numbered International Accreditation Certificate
  • 24/7 access to the recruitment and development online platform
  • Access to 6,500 job descriptions (covering suitability and eligibility )
  • Comprehensive training manual and marketing materials
  • Ability to interpret and select most appropriate reports
  • Free participation in events for Consultants (International Conference for HATS Consultants, workshops, consultations)
  • A set of personalized Harrison Assessments Reports
  • 36 hours of Resource Development CCE (for current ICF members)
Anna Piasecka

Accredited trainer

Anna Piasecka


A psychologist by education, a business practitioner. For many years she was responsible for the sales department in an American corporation, therefore she understands and knows what business needs.  For over 7 years she has been working as a consultant in the Harrison Assessments Methodology. She studied in Belgium, UK, Germany and Sweden.

She is the only trainer of this methodology in Poland, in charge of the certification process of individual consultants and HR departments. She conducted around 40 such trainings, also closed. Thanks to this methodology, she is able to conduct the entire development process, from the diagnosis of developmental gaps and needs, through feedback and providing knowledge. She conducts certification workshops in a very practical way, sharing knowledge from previously completed projects and real life examples. She also has certifications from other employee evaluation tools.

Harrison Assessments Accreditation Training - for whom?

For coaches and training companies

Create unique training programs: team building, communication, management, increasing performance.

For HR specialists

Get invaluable support in selection and recruitment, practical tools for planning the development, resolving conflicts; comprehensive diagnostic reports.

For career counselors

Use the „Career Navigator” platform and access to 6500 positions described covering soft and hard competencies. Generate job fit and developmental reports for your clients.

For coaches

Help your client quickly discover his or her potential, strengthen your position in the process of change, use effectively in team coaching

For leaders and managers

Use the Harrison Assessments methodology for delegating, motivating, managing and building teams. Match job to employee’s suitability.

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